Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alford High School Empowers Students to Take Charge of their Education

Alford High School’s premium online education system is the answer for students living in remote regions of the world. It's more "school-like" than a home school, but less like a space bound traditional one, allowing you to continue your education at your own pace and convenience. No matter where in the world you live, it would be easier for you not only with scheduling your education, but also with managing your educational expenses. Unlike the state sponsored schools, Alford High School gives you the opportunity to manage your educational expenses without putting any extra burden on your piggy.

The best thing about Alford High School’s e-learning system is that it is just like a regular school, except you don't have to physically go there. You'll get a perfectly normal high school diploma when you complete your education. With accreditation from NAAHE, Alford High School offers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that is delivered 100% online. Besides, students can take advantage of the Advanced Placement, Electives, and Credits Transfer facility while they are online on the school’s website. Students enjoy a self-paced schedule without mandatory log-in times while letting their teachers do the grading and assessment of work. Alford High School also has a dedicated Academic Advisory staff that assists students in meeting their academic goals on schedule and to stay in tune with their day to day academic progress.

The students at Alford High School are able to travel, live abroad, and dedicate extra time to pursue their talents and careers while staying on track to receive their high school diploma and prepare for college and further education. Students get to study in the environment of their choice, the place which suits their busy lifestyles be it home, work or recreation. This unique and comprehensive learning platform is just the beginning to help students achieve their goals and have full flexibility in continuing their education. Alford High School empowers every student to take the lead and be at an advantage in today’s fast paced, highly competitive world.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Diploma From Alford High School gives an Edge over GED

One of the most challenging tasks for students coming out of elementary schools is to figure out whether to go for a High School Diploma or a GED in order to complete their high school education. The reason behind their dilemma is indeed one- to know which of the two will better their chances of getting into a prestigious college or university. As the competition keeps getting tougher and tougher for the limited number of admissions that top universities have on offer, such decisions becomes all the more critical for students. Students want to make sure that the academic choices they make propel them in the right direction to enable them to ultimately land up at their desired institutions. While many students spend years earning their High School Diplomas, others take a battery of tests in a single day and get a GED. But the question remains! Is GED as good as an actual diploma from a reputed high school such as Alford High School? Do colleges or employers give any serious consideration to the one you choose? Here a few hard facts that you should know before you opt for any of the two

High School Diploma vs. GED

On paper the HSD (High School Diploma) and the GED(General Educational Development also known as General Equivalency Diploma) might look similar but there are some drastic differences between the two that make the High School Diploma comparatively superior to GED in more than one ways.

While the HSD is considered as a proper high school education consisting of formal classroom learning for a number of years, the GED is considered more as a shorter route to get to a high school equivalency. To get a GED students don’t have to attend formal classroom sessions and complete the usual course study that is involved in a High School Diploma. What they need to do is to appear for a series of back to back tests, usually five, in order to be able to earn a high school equivalency. Hence in other words a GED is more a test of luck than skill to achieve a high school equivalency.

The difference, however, comes into play when one goes for higher education. The best traditional and online universities around the world prefer granting admissions to students holding a High School Diploma rather than a GED. In cases where there are more than one candidates competing for the same vacancy, colleges and universities give more preference to students holding a High School Diploma. According to their observation, students having a proper high schooling background are more academically polished and refined as compared to students having a GED. They justify their claim by saying that to a few hours of GED tests (seven hours and five minutes cumulatively to be precise) cannot be termed compatible to proper high schooling done through online or traditional sources and consequently carry less worth.

Hence students holding a GED have slimmer chances of getting picked by top colleges and universities when squared up with a student holding an HSD from Alford High School. This results in them settling for less renowned institutions for higher education which ultimately affects their resume and their prospects for employment at top organizations around the world.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recruitment Process at Alford High School - A True Test of Aptitude

To produce a quality product every manufacturer requires quality raw material, the same goes for education as well where the quality of students entering into a particular institution can lead us to judge the quality of students passing out. At Alford High School, an institution known for producing exceptional talent, the admission process is quite stringent too and it ensures that only brilliant brains get through the selection criteria and become part of the most prized academic community.

Although Alford High School negates unreasonable conventions such as age limits for high school education but it follows very strict standards to induct students into its educational program for the purpose of maintaining the quality of its alumni. The procedure involves making students go through a number of quality checks in the form of aptitude tests, skill tests and a proper and thorough evaluation of candidate’s credentials. 

The Admission Department at Alford High School thoroughly checks the credentials of the candidates to shortlist only the best candidates for admission into the HSD program. The age of the candidate is considered irrelevant but the candidate should have the mettle and IQ level to be able to get through the strict screening process. The reason behind following such strict procedures for inducting students is to uphold the outstanding quality of outgoing students which ultimately goes into forming the perception of the institution among academic circles as well as the job market for its alumni.

When the students are selected at Alford High School it is made sure that they meet the required set of criteria to be able to stand at par with those already enrolled at the institution and have the potential to live up to the reputation that the institution proudly holds among academic circles worldwide. 

Since Alford High School is an online institution it does not believe in geographical boundaries, the sheer reason why it chose to operate solely as an online entity. However it maintains the quality of its student by setting strict selection criteria for admission. No matter where the student is applying from or what nationality he/she has, the admission procedure stays the same for everyone. This process provides equal opportunity to everyone to enter this prestigious institution and be a part of its renowned student community.

Monday, February 27, 2012

E-Learning made Easier and Flexible at Alford High School

Technology has affected every phase of our lives and the same has been felt in the field of academics where some major changes have taken place and have completely changed the way education is imparted. One such change introduced by Alford High School, is online education and it may rightly be called the biggest academic revolution of the century because it has made the lives of so many students so much easier.

Like any other service sector, the education sector too has gone through a lot of refinement and has evolved extensively over the years to become what it is today. The evolution has brought us to the online mode of education which has completely changed the perception of learning among students and has introduced new formats through which education can be acquired.

With the continuous development in the field of online education, new innovations have been introduced into the education management systems that have contributed to the booming popularity of e-learning. The major contribution behind these innovations comes from certain renowned online schools who have taken initiatives time and again to introduce state of the art procedures through which the education process becomes modern and flexible.

Alford High School is one such institution that has taken huge strides and made valuable contributions in taking online education to the next level. One such innovation that has taken the academic world by surprise is the introduction of Adoptive Learning Management System (ALMS). This technology is aimed at supplementing the classroom curriculum while bolstering the online pedagogy. The Adoptive learning management system (ALMS) provides students with instructional content that responds to the users learning preferences in real time. The system truly offers an anywhere anytime access to online education.

The ALMS technology has been proven to dramatically increase student course completion and satisfaction rates. Student performance is ensured through different learning formats provided for the course materials. The system identifies the learner’s preferred learning style and delivers the curriculum content using varying learning strategies with continuous feedback boosting individual performance and real time learning experience. In short ALMS is a technology that support the need of 21st century learners. By making use of technologies that had never been heard of Alford High School has totally rejuvenated the way education is imparted to the students through the online learning format.

Online Education more Interactive and Exciting than Traditional Education

With the new earned popularity of online education and the concept of e-learning on the rise the students who had chosen to earn an academic credential through the online format find themselves at a competitive advantage. With the presence of a number of quality schools to give online education through affordable and flexible online programs, students have started realizing that the mode of online education is in fact very beneficial. They have realized that this mode of study lets them set their desired pace for their studies as well as gives them complete command over their educational progress. Moreover it helps them in keeping education alongside their regular work routines and transforms it into a lifelong learning process. 

Alford High School is one such name in the online academic world that lets students make learning a lifelong process through providing opportunities whereby they can feasibly continue on with their education. The mode of online education at Alford High School has specifically been designed for the purpose of making education easily accessible and manageable for those who want to study alongside work. 

This involves inculcating automation and flexibility into the educational processes to such an extent that it becomes very easy for an online student to complete all the academic requirements without feeling burdened. This breakthrough has led to a complete shift in the mindset of aspiring students and led to voluntary enrollments into online programs. Students nowadays enroll in for online programs not because they don’t have any other alternative but because they consider it as a better proposition. They feel that online mode of study gives them complete command over their education and also lets them set the most suitable pace for their academic progress. 

With the advancements in online education, some major changes have been made to the way education is imparted to students. Several new innovative techniques have also been adopted by certain quality institutions to make online education a self improving seamless process. One such innovation into the education arena is Adoptive Learning Management System (ALMS) introduced by Alford High School which has specifically been designed for the purpose of supplementing the classroom curriculum while bolstering the online pedagogy.

The online education program at Alford High School lets students easily carry education alongside other routines without any hassle, hence freeing them of the pressures usually associated with traditional campus education. Students not only find education easily manageable but also enjoy learning since it becomes a highly beneficial side by side proposition.

With the hurdles associated with education removed, the process of education at Alford High School not only becomes fun but even transforms into a hobby for many individuals and by doing that students are adding valuable academic credential to their resumes which ultimately reflects upon their jobs as well as in their social lives.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Accreditation Concerns at Online High Schools

Accreditation seems to be a growing concern for many high school students in today’s world. While private high schools throughout the United States are beginning to require accreditation in order to accept incoming credits, the absence of accreditation may greatly hinder an individual’s desire to study from an online college or university.

The way high schools education has become mandatory and a growing need for students, it is obligatory that one checks out for accreditation status of the school.  Any school, whether private or public, should be accredited by some recognized and independent accreditation agency.

Credits earned must be able to transfer to a private or public high school, and of course, to any college a student has interest in.  Every school has the administrative right to accept or reject credits from other schools – both private and public. To circumvent such risk, it is recommended that families get to enroll their children at an accredited school.

Keeping these standards in place, Alford High School ensures that all of its diploma programs are accredited by a recognized accreditation agency, such as NAAHE (National Accreditation Association for Higher Education).

All students need to know the leap from high school to university is not an easy one for any student. Those with high SAT scores, or who have prepared years in advance with community college classes during their high school years, make the transition more easily.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alford High School Brings Technology and Education Together

Technology is the future and to get an edge it is imperative to integrate technology as part of the medium for learning. Online education is designed to meet the needs of adults with specific career goals, and the use of technology further enables a positive learning experience. This was a challenging year for online schools and as a result, there may be a shift in attitudes about the value of online education; however, the continued growth of enrollment in online courses indicates that students are utilizing this option to meet their educational needs.

This is what Alford High School has been doing via its online courses. With the state of the art digital learning tools, the online high school program that offers premium K12 courses taught by qualified and talented teachers, Alford High School has been able to deliver over thousands of graduates till date, ever since its establishment.

All the courses can be taken via its online classroom system. The students just have to login to access their virtual classrooms and study their courses using a computer and a webcam (in certain cases). They can work through the courses by themselves or they can work with an instructor who is available online and ready to discuss the lesson and even answer their questions.

The school has recognized that the online courses are actually excellent training and preparation for the students as they prepare themselves for college. The students are given materials they can read and study individually via the computer. After a student has finished the material, there is a test that he has to go through in order to complete the course.

Besides, students have the freedom to work on the course at their own pace, they are, however, required to submit weekly assignments as well as term projects and reports. Moreover students have the choice to take courses from teachers who are known experts in the subjects they are teaching.